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WWI Hospital
Kenton Emerson Postcard
Student Letter to Armstrong
Gene Stratton-Porter
Gene Stratton-Porter circa 1910
Stratton-Porter Equipment
A Gene Stratton-Porter photograph of her equipment
Michael Jackson Traces
Atterbury Chapel
Courtesy of Camp Atterbury
YAT1943 1
YAT1943 2
Karen Graeser
YAT1943 3
Karen Graeser's mock-ups for the Chapel in the Meadow artwork sit in the Exhibitions area at the History Center.
Milhous 1
Gertrude Lucile Milhous and Charles William Milhous in Rush Branch Creek on property of Franklin Milhous near Butlerville, Indiana, June 21, 1903. GIFT OF GARY A. AND SHELLEY A. MILHOUS, IHS
Milhous 2
Outside Milhous Drugs in Seymour, Indiana, circa 1905. GIFT OF GARY A. AND SHELLEY A. MILHOUS, IHS
Tom Sawyer
Clifton Webb as Tom Sawyer for a stage performance, circa 1899 (Gift of David L. Smith, IHS)
Reproduction poster for serial, "The Adventures of Tarzan," starring Elmo Lincoln in his third appearance as Tarzan, 1921 (Gift of David L. Smith, IHS)
A Tale of Two Diaries 1
The diaries are approximately 3 inches by 5.5 inches. (Gift of Peggy Howe, IHS)
A Tale of Two Diaries 2
Bethel AME 1
Bethel AME 2
Roy Zenor
Ann Schulteti sits in the sidecar with George on a bike in the early years. Photo courtesy Indianapolis Southside Harley-Davidson
Harley-Davidson 2
Ann and George Schulteti in Southern Indiana in 1948. Photo courtesy Indianapolis Southside Harley-Davidson
Living Legends 2017
Y-Press members interview former President George H.W. Bush before his speech at Butler University in 2006. Gift of Y-Press, IHS
When Kids Wrote the Headlines
History Train Logo 2017
Indiana History Train logo 2017
Alka-Seltzer Song Book
The Alka-Seltzer Song Book
Camp Burgess Before and After
A Civil War-era print of the 70th regiment of the Indiana Volunteers at Camp Burgess before and after conservation treatment.
Ad Lining of Civil War Print
The print had originally been lined with a contemporary printed advertisement, shown here before and after conservation treatment.
Separating and Screen Print Fill
We separated the prints by removing the adhesive layer between them.
Screen Printed
On the left are the prints of the image pattern we created by screen printing onto custom-colored Japanese paper fills. In the center, you can see visible loss on the print. The final photo shows the loss filled with screen-printed repair paper.
Conservation Intern
Conservation intern Lindsey Zachman smoothes the surface of the print during the lining process.
Tom Castaldi
Allen County Historian Tom Castaldi says that there are great paybacks in the volunteer role, such as hearing that a teacher used one of his articles or radio episodes to teach local history to young students.
Prop letter YAT1863
Copy of Capt. David Beem's letter to wife Mahala on July 5, 1863 from Gettysburg battlefield.
Penrod Society logo
Arts Council Logo
Milhaus Logo
Franciscan Health Logo
National Guard Logo
Salvation Army Logo
Santa Claus
Postmaster James F. Martin standing outside the Santa Claus Post Office, 1931