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Our Volunteer of the Year

Volunteer Fred.jpg

When Fred Koss retired as administrator of a nonprofit social service agency five years ago, he looked into volunteering at several different places until he settled on IHS. “I love libraries,” he says.

Since 2007, Fred Koss has devoted countless hours working in the IHS Collections and Library department. Lately, he spends time transcribing oral histories from World War II. “The stories are incredible,” he says.

“His knowledge of the subject matter has proved invaluable, and he has become even more knowledgeable,” says Paul Brockman, director IHS manuscript and visual collections. “Fred is doing a huge service to IHS by transcribing these histories so they can be used by researchers. He’s really more like a staff member than a volunteer.” It was staff members who chose Fred as this year’s winner of the Volunteer Excellence Award. “Volunteers contribute so much to this institution,” says Steve Cox, executive vice president. “Their dedication and service make our jobs easier.”

Fred doesn’t look at it that way. “This is such a fun job I feel like I ought to pay to do it.”