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Kids Create History Walking Tours

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Our junior historian members created walking tours of historic places in their towns. Club members did research, took pictures of the sites and drew their own maps. The information was made into brochures to share with their communities. The Brandywine Club created a walking tour for Greenfield, while the R.J. Baskett Club researched sites in Gas City. One of the highlights of the Greenfield tour is the Riley House and Gardens. Members learned that James Whitcomb Riley was born in Greenfield and that the Riley House was built in 1850. “This project was a win-win for the clubs and for the communities,” says Becca Loofbourrow, coordinator, IJrHS. “It’s such an active way to learn about history and make a contribution. The kids really enjoyed it.” The IJrHS History Walking Tour brochures are available at local libraries and historical societies. See their work by clicking on the PDFs below.


Gas City