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Hopewell Male Quartet from Johnson County, district winners Farm Bureau Singing Contest at the 1928 Indiana State Fair. From left, Herbert Kinnear, first tenor; Cort Ditmars, second tenor; Mark Vannuys, first bass; Henry Demarie, second bass.
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Jimmie Risk from Montpelier won the Horseshoe Pitching Contest at the 1928 Indiana State Fair.
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U.S. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt prepares to speak to the crowd from his automobile during the 1936 State Fair.
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Carolyn Warner, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Boyd Warner from North Manchester in Wabash County, poses with the champion Checker Giant Rabbit exhibited by Lester C. Wells of Indianapolis during the 1935 Indiana State Fair.
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Robert Mather from Tippecanoe County and his champion Guernsey heifer at the 1937 Indiana State Fair.
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Ronald Lindley, the son of C.J. Lindley from Sharpsville in Tipton County is fitting and trimming his lamb for show at the 1947 Indiana State Fair.
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Brooks Tormohlen of Portland in Jay County has a firm grip on his first-prize Brown Leghorn at the 1929 Indiana State Fair.