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History of Indiana


To celebrate Indiana’s sesquicentennial in 1966, the Indiana Historical Society – in partnership with the Indiana Historical Bureau and with funding from Lilly Endowment Inc. – launched the History of Indiana series. 

To celebrate Indiana’s Bicentennial, IHS is producing the series as ebooks. In the five volumes of this series, published between 1968 and 1998, historians present an in-depth look at Indiana from its territorial period through its role in World War II, discussing Indiana’s changing politics, economy and population, and the rise of its cities, educational system and social services network. Thoroughly documented using a wealth of primary sources, the History of Indiana series gives detailed perspectives on the people who developed the state and shows how events such as the Civil War and the Great Depression affected the lives of Hoosiers.


    Indiana1816-1850ebookIndiana1850-1880ebookIndiana 1880-1920ebookIndiana 1920-1945ebook






Vol. 1: Indiana to 1816: The Colonial Period by John D. Barnhart and Dorothy L. Riker

Vol. 2: Indiana, 1816-1850: The Pioneer Era by Donald F. Carmony

Vol. 3: Indiana in the Civil War Era, 1850-1880 by Emma Lou Thornbrough

Vol. 4: Indiana in Transition: The Emergence of an Industrial Commonwealth, 1880-1920 by Clifton J. Phillips

Vol. 5: Indiana through Tradition and Change: A History of the Hoosier State and Its People, 1920-1945 by James H. Madison

Each ebook volume is $15.95. They will be available this fall through the Basile History Market and vendors including Amazon and Barnes and Noble.