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Donor Spotlight: David Meyer

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Illinois resident David Meyer is a supporter of the Indiana Historical Society, and recently helped us acquire our latest William Henry Harrison letter. Born in Indiana, Mr. Meyer founded Meyerbooks, Publisher, in 1976 primarily to issue books on herbs and folk medicine written and illustrated by his father, Clarence. He serves as a consultant to Indiana Botanic Gardens, the nation’s oldest mail-order supplier of herbs and natural products, founded in 1910 by his grandfather, Joseph.

“My interest in history was initiated in childhood by listening to my father talk about his early life in the Calumet region and about his father’s struggles to establish a business in the beginning decades of the 20th century,” Mr. Meyer says. “Although I have lived in Illinois for more than 30 years, Indiana history is a part of my own history and because of this, it seems only natural to belong to IHS. I’m interested in the efforts of IHS to add to their important collection of Harrison materials, and I was pleased to be able to offer direct support for this recent purchase.”