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Destination Indiana Gets a Bicentennial Upgrade

DI 1The Eugene and Marilyn Glick Indiana History Center's popular Destination Indiana exhibit is becoming bigger than ever with a technology upgrade and adding new state stories to its "journeys" content this spring.

As part of IHS's Bicentennial projects, eight time-travel stations have been overhauled to include new journeys and new monitors with the latest standards in gesture-based touch-screen controls.

At first glance, visitors to Destination Indiana will notice a new galaxy-themed backdrop. You are now able to swipe, pinch, tap and expand your way through more than 300 journeys, which use images and text to bring Indiana's stories to life. We've also changed the way the journeys are arranged and categorized, making it easier for guests to find particular people, places and topics of interest.

The Destination Indiana exhibition upgrade is an IHS Bicentennial project, made possible by the R.B. Annis Educational Foundation.

Four New Journeys Join Destination Indiana

General Equipment Company

Frank P. Thomas Sr. was a self-taught engineer from the Peru area who made a name for himself designing and building rides for amusement parks around the country. When the Great Depression hit, Thomas moved his family to Indianapolis and became associated with Riverside Amusement Park. He started his own business, General Equipment Co., with an invention he came up with in his garage workshop. That invention turned out to be the first frozen custard machine. Thomas' invention gave rise to the Burger Chef restaurant chain.

Sponsored by Jean Thomas Wildman

Burger Chef

Burger Chef became the second-largest hamburger franchise at one point. It arose from the General Equipment Co. that manufactured restaurant equipment. Eager to promote their new developments, the company opened a small hamburger and shake stand in Little America Amusement Center in Indianapolis.

Sponsored by Jean Thomas Wildman

Benjamin Harrison Presidential Site

Benjamin Harrison was born in North Bend, Ohio, and moved to Indianapolis as a young man. He established himself quickly as an attorney and local politician. The home he had built for his growing family reflected the pride he felt for Indianapolis. It was at this beautiful residence that he was notified of his nomination for president of the United States. Following his term in office, he returned to the city.

Sponsored by Arthur Jordan Foundation

Indiana World War Memorial

The Indiana World War Memorial was conceived as a monument to those from Indiana who died in the Great Wars. This beautiful memorial achieves that goal in a spectacular but dignified manner. It was designed by Walker and Weeks of Cleveland, Ohio, on a grand scale. While the building process involved many delays, the final structure provides visitors with a profound sense of respect for the sacrifice and love of county which inspired it.

In honor of all the Hoosiers who served