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You Are There 1939: Healing Bodies, Changing Minds

Dr. Middleton bought this Sanborn Cardiette – a portable electrocardiograph machine – for $500 to study heart sounds and murmurs.
Open Nov. 13

Join African-American physician Dr. Harvey Middleton on June 24, 1939, in his office at 2101 Boulevard Place for an open house to introduce family, friends, colleagues and the community to the latest in electrocardiographic technology.

While offering essential access to medical assistance to patients who may otherwise have gone without, Dr. Middleton was also pursuing learning opportunities. While doing everything he could to improve the level of healthcare for his community, he also worked to gain the knowledge and skills that would eventually establish him as one of Indianapolis’ leading cardiologists.

Check out Dr. Middleton’s consulting room, from his Cardiette machine and physician’s license to the examining table and anatomical charts. Ask Dr. Middleton about his upcoming trip to London for further training, the exciting news he received last week, or how he and others are working to make Indianapolis a better place for all its citizens.

Talk with Ollie Mae Middleton, Dr. Middleton’s sister, about what it is like to be a nurse as well as what it is like to live and work in Indianapolis during the Great Depression. You may also meet Dr. Henry Hummons, a local physician who played a key role in the health of the black community – including its ongoing problem with tuberculosis. Roselyn Richardson, newlywed wife of prominent lawyer Henry J. Richardson, may share how she plans to become active in her new community.

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