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Glamour in the Collection
Lew Wallace Letters Go West
What Is a Hoosier?
Joe Miller.jpg
Danger on the River
Steamboats racing on the Ohio River was not an unusual sight in 1929.
Our Volunteer of the Year
Volunteer Fred.jpg
Meet Michael Thrall
2009-07-22 (Thrall)_thumb.jpg
Donor Spotlight: The Kruse Family
A Family's Search for Avriel Shull
Steve McQueen: The Great Escape
IHS Teams Up with Eiteljorg
The Iron-Gall Ink Project
Bringing Back a 154-Year-Old Book
Postcards Send Glimpse of Past
One-of-a-Kind WWII Collection
Did You Know Uneeda Biscuit?
A Small Organization, Big Job
Q&A with Howard County
Howard Co Group 12-1-08.jpg
Howard County Historical Society staff members, from left, Stew Lauterbach, curator; Kelly Karickhoff, executive director; and Bonnie Van Kley, curator of archives show off their Outstanding Historical Organization Award from IHS.
Banding Together to Preserve Indiana's Treasures
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Hoosier Justice at Nuremburg
Hoosier Justice_4.jpg
The Native Americans
Native Americans.jpg
Kids Create History Walking Tours
People Walking.jpg
Avon Walking Tour.pdf
Gas City walking tour.pdf
Greenfield Walking Tour.pdf
On the Front Lines at History Day
Matt Durrett, IHS’s National History Day in Indiana state coordinator, visits students at Hauser High School in Hope to help them plan their projects.
Fred Stone
Seeing comic performer Fred Stone is Howard Caldwell's first memory of the English Theatre.
Dorothy Francis
Dorothy Francis played Natalie in The Merry Widow at the English Theatre in 1921.
Ethel Barrymore
Several members of the famed Drew and Barrymore families appeared at the English. Ethel Barrymore, the great aunt of actress Drew Barrymore, shown here with her three children, was a crowd favorite. She first performed at the theater in 1896.
Wallace letter
106 year old
This 1947 portrait of a 106-year-old Hoosier is part of IHS's O. James Fox Collection.
Tool Guys
Tool Guys
This photograph, from the Cecil Beeson Collection at the Indiana Historical Society, was a fairly unanimous choice by the You Are There project team. ''The beautiful, ghostly image has a haunting quality,'' Eloise says. ''You can almost hear the sounds of clanging tools and the hustle and bustle of a busy auto mechanic's workspace.''
IHS Exhibitions Coordinator Martin Douglas carefully cleans the cylinder head of a vintage Fordson tractor.''I'm all about cars,'' says Martin. ''I'm having a great time with this project.''
Kansky home
The Kansky home in the Avalon Hills neighborhood in Indianapolis was built in 1960.
Blueprint - Shull
The Avriel Shull Architectural Records Collection at IHS includes drawings, tracings and blueprints as well as contracts, permits, correspondence, bills and invoices.
Iron Gall Ink Testing
Iron Gall Washing
Iron Gall Deterioration
Kathy L.
Intern Kathy Lechuga spent 10 hours restoring the Indianapolis Directory.
Booth book
The directory bears an inscription dated 1932 from Hoosier author Booth Tarkington.
Mishawaka postcard
This scene of men herding sheep near Mishawaka is an example of a halftone photo postcard that was colored before printing. The card is postmarked 1916.
Pleasant Lake postcard
Main Street in Pleasant Lake is pictured here on a printed postcard circa 1900 to 1910, a decade which marked a sharp rise in the postcard's popularity.
Master Sgt. Bob Kennedy handwrote a caption for this photo: ''Gen. [Tomoyuki] Yamashita being taken to his first hearing in Manila, shortly after his surrender at Baguio, P.I., where I saw him – Manila, P.I. – 1945.'' Known as ''The Tiger of Malaya,'' Yamashita was later tried for war crimes by an American military tribunal and sentenced to death.
Who could resist a biscuit from this charming young lady? Uneeda Biscuit was created around 1899 by the National Biscuit Company, later known as Nabisco. It was the first advertising campaign to feature a packaged, ready-to-eat food.
Kitty ad
Many of the items in the IHS Collection feature small creatures like the Garland Stoves and Ranges cats and dogs, circa 1890s.
Domestic Wringer
Children, like the playful youngsters doing the laundry for Domestic Wringer, were often featured in advertising material from the late 1800s.
Joyce Lantz
Joyce Lantz, Collections Manager, Greentown Historical Society.
Nenkom Family
The Nenkom family poses in 1930 in Terre Haute. (The Martin Collection, IHS)
Our 180th Year
Concerts on the Canal
Behind the Journeys
Interpreting the Past
Cole and Friends
What a Swell Party This Is!
Steve Jackson
A County Historian's Talk-Show Moment
IHS Seeks Award Nominations
Meet H. Roll McLaughlin
In Your Neighborhood
Canal Collection Returns to Indiana
Outstanding Local History Organization
Riley's Image Comes Home
Hot off the IHS Press
Meet Dianne Cartmel
H. Roll McLaughlin
Dianne Cartmel
MW Roots
Secrets 3
Fighter Pilot good
Tom R