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Sept. 22
Storytelling Arts of Indiana

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Clare Murphy

The Mad Myths of the Irish

Sept. 22

Frank and Katrina Basile Theater, History Center
7:30 p.m.

Clare takes you on a dark and ferocious journey, where warriors leap with blinding frenzy, one-eyed monsters hunt the shores and shape-shifters blur the line from this world to the ever-so-close other world. Learn how the fairies came from fallen gods, how broken promises can change the fate of a nation and how great battles shaped the very earth itself. Born in Dublin, Clare has lived in Spain and America, and currently resides in London. Her physical style, dynamism and passion bring ancient stories alive.  A hit at the 2011 National Storytelling Festival in Jonesborough, Tenn., Clare has also performed at the Globe Theatre and the Toronto International Storytelling Festival. For more information, visit

$20 tickets, $25 at the door

For tickets, call (317) 232-1882 or follow the "Buy Tickets" link.

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Performers are subject to change.

Presented by IHS and Storytelling Arts of Indiana
Sponsored by Ryan Zumbahlen and the Jenner Group

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