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Jewish Life Before and After the Holocaust

March 6, 2012

Eugene and Marilyn Glick Indiana History Center

Tuesday, March 6, 8:45 to noon
Wednesday, March 7, 8:45 to noon

Making a Jewish Home: Jewish Life Before and After the Holocaust

The Bureau of Jewish Education and the Indiana Historical Society are collaborating to provide students with an experience they won’t soon forget.

Special guests and hands-on activities will introduce students to Jewish life in Europe before, during and after World War II, giving them an understanding of the life destroyed by the Holocaust and recreated after it.

Students will also go back in time to meet the Kaplan family in You Are There 1950: Making a Jewish Home. The Kaplans are Polish Holocaust survivors who resettled in Indianapolis from a post-World War II displaced persons camp. Finally, students will visit the History Center’s Destination Indiana experience to examine historical images of Jewish life and culture in Indiana. 

To register, call (317) 234-1595.




Kaplan Kitchen


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