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Hoosier Women in STEM Wikipedia Edit-a-Thon

Oct. 21, 2017

Our resident Wikipedian will be presenting a workshop on how to edit Wikipedia and our Library will be open for researchers!

Hoosiers are inventors, creators and innovators—we question, we tinker, we imagine. From the development of TV to the first man on the moon to the first video game console, Hoosier scientists, engineers, doctors and entrepreneurs have led the way. Yet most of the stories we tell are stories about men. In the history of STEM and innovation in Indiana, women’s stories have often been overlooked or poorly told.

To fix this problem, Indiana Humanities, the Indiana Historical Bureau, the Indiana State Library and the Indiana Department of Historic Preservation and Archaeology are teaming up for a Hoosier Women in STEM Wikipedia edit-a-thon! Hoosier history lovers, including volunteers, reference librarians and specialists—are invited to take part in this fun and focused day of research, writing and fellowship. This event is part of Indiana Humanities’ Quantum Leap initiative, exploring the intersection of the humanities and STEM.

Leading up to the big day, we’ll collect stories from historians, researchers, and museum folks from across the state. We’ll gather a list of entries to be added or improved on Wikipedia. On the day of, we’ll have on hand librarians and experts, research materials and step-by-step instructions for how to create or edit Wikipedia entries. Anyone can join the fun—no prior Wikipedia editing experience necessary!

Register online on Eventbrite.



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In the history of STEM and innovation in Indiana, ...
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