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Author Talk and Book Signing

July 25, 2015

3 to 4:30 p.m.
Day Classrooms, History Center

Forgotten today, Sam Thompson (1860-1922) was one of the most dominant five skills players of his era.  At the plate, he batted .331, was second among 19th-century players in home runs, and ranks first all-time in RBI per game (.923). In his prime, he averaged 25 steals a season. Defensively, he registered 283 outfield assists (12th all-time), and is first among all outfielders (with 1,000+ games) in his ratio of assists per game with one every 4.9 games.

This comprehensive biography traces Thompson's life and career from his childhood in rural Danville, Ind., to his last days as a U.S. deputy marshal in Detroit, and clarifies his status of one of the greatest players in baseball's long and storied history.

Author Roy Kerr is a retired professor of Spanish who began a second career as a baseball biographer after leaving academia. He specializes in 19th-century Hall of Fame players. Big Sam Thompson is his fifth biography. He lives in Lakeland, Florida.


roy kerr


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