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Every History Day project should start with two basic questions: "What history interests me?" and "What type of project would I like to do?"

Your Topic

Remember that you will have to relate your topic to the 2016 theme of Taking a Stand in History. In competition, relation to the theme will count for 20 percent of your score. Winning projects often excel in this category.

History Day topics may relate to any time or place in history whether that is local, state, national or world history. (Just remember it has to be approved by your teacher, too.) Is there a certain period or place in history you have always been interested in but never learned about in class? Ancient history? American Indian history? European? African? Women's history? Sports history? Indiana history? Think about topics or people in history you would like to learn more about when considering your History Day project. For suggestions of Indiana-related topics that tie into Taking a Stand in History, click here.


Your Project Type

See the Presentation page for project examples.

What type of project is best for your topic? A topic that has available film resources and interviews might make a great documentary or website. However, a topic with no film or images might make a better paper. A topic with great images and popular primary sources might make a great exhibit. Consider what kinds of sources will be available for your topic to help determine what type of project to create.

What are your talents? Are you a good writer? Consider writing a paper. Interested in web design? Create a website. Are you in drama club? How about a performance? The best documentaries will be emotional stories. The best performances will have drama. The best exhibits and websites will be concise and well organized. Consider your talents when selecting your project type.