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Exhibit Format

The diagram below represents a model for using the elements of Segmentation and Orientation. Exhibit projects do not necessarily have to follow this model precisely, but should communicate these important parts. Look at the model and then look how students have used Segmentation, Orientation and Explanation in their projects below.

Exhibit Model


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Youth Exhibit Examples

Youth 1     Youth 2Youth 3









Junior Exhibit Examples

Junior 3Junior 1Junior 2










Senior Exhibit Examples

Senior 1   Senior 2Senior 3

Other Creative Examples

Notice how these exhibits model their projects after the topic being presented: a basketball court, a missile and a World War II atomic bomb. Consider how your exhibit project could match the topic you are presenting.

Extra 2   Extra 1   Extra 3


As long as you stay within the size and word limits, you are free to use the space however you like. Think about how to creatively use that space when building an exhibit. How did these projects adapt to their topics?







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