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Now that you have done a little research, think about how to break down the information and piece it together to tell your story and support your thesis.

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Once you know what topic in history you will study and have done a little research, it may be time to explore your topic further and narrow down the focus. Students often want to do projects on "World War II" or "The Civil Rights Era," but these topics are too large for one project. A good History Day project should have a narrow focus. Use these worksheets to narrow your topic and relate it to the theme.

Topic Narrowing Worksheet
Theme Worksheet


Every History Day project should consider historical context, or the circumstances and facts surround a historical topic. Context sets the stage for the project and gives people a basic understanding of the time under investigation. Answer the questions: What was the world like when your topic occurred? What problems did the people in your topic face? How did their time influence their activities? Use these worksheets to help break down the time you are studying.

American History Context Worksheet
World History Context Worksheet

Primary Sources

Primary sources give us a first-hand look into the time it came from. Fill out this worksheet for every primary source you have found in your research.

Primary Source Analysis Worksheet



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