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The Indiana Historical Society provides resources and support for Indiana teachers using the National History Day framework. See contact information at the bottom of this page to request any of these services.

Indiana Historical Society NHD Indiana Services

Teacher Packets

Include an NHD Theme Book, NHD Rule Book and NHD Indiana User Manual. Hard copies are available upon request while supplies last.

School Visits

Designed to fit the needs of your classroom. Introduce the program, assist with research or discuss project design.

Library Tune-Ups

Get your projects a five-point inspection, attend mini-lessons and get research help on your topic. Various events are scheduled throughout the year, or schedule one for your school at a local library.

Contest Season

Students are encouraged to showcase their work at these public events. For details on district, state and national competitions, please visit the History Day Contests page.

Contest Registration

Teachers, please email nhdi@indianahistory.org or call (317) 233-9559 for registration instructions.

For more information email nhdi@indianahistory.org or call (317) 233-9559.

Classroom Materials


Primary Source Analysis Worksheet
Topic Narrowing Worksheet
Context Worksheet - American History
Context Worksheet - World History 

Exhibit Activities

Sample exhibit activities used in teacher workshops but can also be used as construction examples for students.
Article XIII of the 1851 Indiana Constitution
LGBT Rights in Indiana
Studebaker: An Indiana Innovation

For suggestions on Indiana-related topics that tie into Taking a Stand in History, click here.