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Contest Payments

The entry fee for students to participate in National History Day in Indiana contests is $10 per student who participate in the creation of a project and is competing at a regional contest. This includes students working in groups. For example, if a group of three students work together on a project, each student should pay the $10 fee individually even if all members of the group cannot attend the date of the contest. This entry fee is a one-time fee for Indiana contests. Students who advance to the State contest will not have any additional fees for entering.

Teachers will receive an invoice addressed to his or her school after registration closes for each regional contest. The preparation for the expected number of students begins the day registration closes. This includes planning for ordering tables and equipment, catering, custodial and IT services, and other costs associated with running a contest. Because these costs are based on the numbers we use when registration closes, schools will be invoiced based on the number of attending students when registration closes.

Please contact the NHDI office at nhdi@indianahistory.org or (317) 233-9559 with any questions.