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Bring a Historical Interpreter to Your School

Noted historical actor Kevin Stonerock presents living history programs to schools across the state. All living history programs are performed in authentic period clothing with proper accoutrements in first-person style. We offer Kevin’s programs at a discounted rate of $100.

For more information, including Indiana Academic Standards addressed in each program, please contact him directly at www.kevinstonerock.com and mention IHS.

A Visit with a Hoosier Pioneer

Compiled from several different accounts of the period 1770 to 1810, this program centers around the life of Andrew Amonett, a true-to-life frontiersman of the Indiana Territory. The presentation, complete with tall tales, deals with various aspects of frontier life and dangers faced in the Indiana Territory just prior to the War of 1812. Topics include trapping, militia service, Indian affairs, tools, weapons and frontier clothing.
Best audience: grades 3 through 6.

Billy Yank: Common Soldier for the Union

Billy Yank was a real soldier from Henry County, Ind., named William H. Fentress. In 1864, a battle-weary Fentress is home on leave from the Union Army. Learn about camp life, battlefield experiences, army humor, food, equipment, music, weapons, uniforms and the home front. The program objective is to bring the audience as close as they will ever come to visiting with a real veteran of the War Between the States and to give them a better understanding of the men who wore the blue.
Best audience: grades 4 and up.

Civil War History Through Song

Hear Civil War songs as a springboard into a wide variety of topics concerning the period 1861 to 1865. The audience is drawn into discussion as well as asked to join in on some of the songs.
Best audience: grades 4 through 8. Works well in combination with Billy Yank. This program best suited for individual classes, rather than as a school-wide performance.

A Visit With a Fur Trader

The “Fur Trader” is a true-to-life character compiled from a variety of fur trade sources. The trader, a Scotsman named Jacob McLinden, takes you on a journey from Montreal to the Indian Country and through a year in the fur trade in the mid 1700s. Learn about trade goods, fur bearing animals, voyageur life, fur trade vocabulary, music and the ways of Indians and traders.
Best audience: grades 4 and up. Best suited to audiences of 200 or fewer.