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Historical Fiction and Nonfiction

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Historical Fiction

The Carter Journals: Time Travels in Early U.S. History
Shane Phipps

Stories from Revolutionary War to Civil War; British colonies to Indiana statehood
$19.95 hardcover; $9.95 paperback; $9.95 e-book (multiple formats)
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Bones on the Ground
Elizabeth O'Maley

Stories of Old Northwest Indians from different perspectives
$16.95 hardcover; $9.95 e-book (multiple formats)


Home Before the Raven Caws: The Mystery of a Totem Pole
Richard D. Feldman

Primer on totem poles that solves mystery of totem pole found in Indianapolis
$15.95 paperback; $9.95 e-book (multiple formats)


Hoosiers and the American Story
James H. Madison and Lee Ann Sandweiss

Supplemental text for American history focusing on Indiana's stories
$19.95 hardcover (free to qualified students and teachers); $9.95 e-book (Adobe Digital Editions PDF)
Student/Teachers Guide included in book


Indianapolis: A City of Immigrants
M. Teresa Baer

Immigration history of Central Indiana, 1800 to present
$11.99 paperback (free to qualified educators); $8.95 e-book (Adobe Digital Editions PDF)
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Spinning Through Clouds: Tales from an Early Hoosier Aviator
Max E. Knight

Stories of early days of flying and state and national aviation history
$19.95 paperback
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