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Sneak Peek for Fashion Week


Album CoverCouldn't make it to New York Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week is just too far away? Here's a sneak peek, à la 1937.

A perk of working at Indiana Historical Society is that sometimes I get a sneak peek of what's new in the collection. This time it's really new to us. This Janaléne Fashion Album came to us through the mail today. It hasn't even been processed yet! I just love that old book smell.

I'm no fashion aficionado, but looking at all the designs and fabric swatches has given me a real yearn for a time machine to take me back to 1937 just so I can get a few of these fabulous frocks.

Side note: I'll keep my 21st-century ability to wear jeans and sweatshirts and comfy shoes.Dress Collage

Janaléne was a dress company based in Indianapolis, but past that I know very little about it. From the end of the album, I know that it was sent to a sales representative – this album likely was sent to a representative in New York state – who took a customer's order and deposit and then sent the order to the Indianapolis office. From there, the dress was sent directly to the customer who paid at time of delivery. I wonder if they had Prime shipping?