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Nothing but fast food for us this month

We are so busy ...

[Jeff writes]  Local History Services department of the Indiana Historical Society has been very busy traveling the state. It feels like the department is juggling multiple balls, plates and a few sharp objects. [Jeff tosses the blog to Stacy]
[Stacy catches the blog and writes] 
Jeff and I are getting ready to go to the American Association for State and Local History conference in Oklahoma City – for me, that means preparing to present on how to do audience research, writing remarks to open the Small Museums Luncheon and writing blog posts for the AASLH Conference blog. Thank goodness Jeannette will be in the office!  [Stacy tosses the blog to Jeannette]
[And it’s passed to Jeannette] Actually, I won’t be in the office much! We have just started the fall round of County Historian Regional Roundtables, which continue through September and October. The meetings are a great chance for me to visit with county historians across the state, and for them to discuss projects and connect with one another. [Back to Jeff!]
[Jeff catches the blog and writes]
I’ve been in 14 cities this month picking or dropping off traveling exhibits, giving a workshop, attending meetings and other things. One of the difficult things when you are so busy is just getting the phone answered. Excuse me, my phone is ringing. [Back to Jeannette]
[Me again? - Jeannette]
Well, I have to admit, I like being busy, and I love getting out to travel! Next week, I get to visit lovely southern Indiana for a workshop, south-central Indiana for a meeting, and finally the beautiful western part of the state to pick up an exhibit. The following week will be north, east, then south again for exhibits. Fall really is an exciting time for us! Wait ... my office is where, again? [Passes to Stacy for the home run]
[Stacy squares her shoulders to hit the blog out of the park] I’ve sent at least 100 e-mails in the last two weeks, encouraging local history organizations to come to our "Getting Money" workshop series in October, as well as recruiting new presenters for the 2011 update of the IHS Speakers Bureau and checking in with organizations who might be losing their tax-exempt status. And yes, we’ve almost got our list of In Your Neighborhood meeting sites set for next year. There’s no time for cuisine this month – it’s all fast food!


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