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It Figures, and My Figure, Too

Like many people, I’ve spent much of the first few days of the New Year looking back at 2010.

Some of the looking back has been personal – I began going to the gym in 2010. I’ve actually lost some weight and am feeling great. I still ate a Dunkin' Donut at the staff meeting this morning, though.

Most of the looking back has been to review what the Local History Services department has accomplished in our role of serving local history organizations. We had a great year!

Here are a few fun numbers. In 2010, LHS:

  • sponsored 27 workshops around the state for local history practitioners
  • sent our e-newsletter, Communique Online, to approximately 470 subscribers each week with information about exhibits, programs, resources and opportunities
  • delivered traveling exhibits through out the state that were viewed by 213,784 people 
  • traveled 23,652 miles in Indiana to serve local history organizations

Phew! I’m counting on 2011 being a great year, too.


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