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You Watched the Spelling Bee, Now Watch NHD

Did anyone else catch the Scripp's Spelling Bee on ESPN last week? My wife and I caught the last half of the final contest, and since we both work with kids of varying ages, we love watching the personalities and "quirks" of the students. I was also impressed that ESPN, the "Worldwide Leader in Sports," was carrying the contest. How cool is it for them to give those students a stage like that? I will also add that I did spell one word right somewhere in the final10. It was pure luck and I went about 1-for-74.

NHD 2011 Capitol

The spelling bee is a classic, but National History Day is a program that is just as exciting and, we would argue, more analytical for students. Indiana's NHD State Contest took place at Marian University on April 27 and we are sending 57 very bright students to the national contest. You can see a list of our medalists heading to D.C. here and a list of special award winners here.

With many of us staying in the University of Maryland dorms, we have a busy schedule next week including two full days of presentations and competition, student parties and dances, congressional visits, opening and closing ceremonies, and a swanky night at the National Museum of American History for NHD attendees only. I have done the math, and it looks like I will have 3.5 hours total to explore 38 museums and monuments this year. Can't wait.

If you want to follow us from home, check out our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter @NHDIndiana. You can also watch the awards ceremony on the morning of Thursday, June 13 when it is webcasted by HISTORY (see NHD.org Thursday morning starting at 8:30 a.m.).


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