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Gotta Catch 'Em All

Pokemon Collage

This week the Central Canal played host to Pokemon hunters from all walks of life. People lined the sidewalks under bridges and visited us, a PokeStop, for perhaps the first time.

Let me briefly explain the game for some non-PokemonGo players. The basics: download the PokemonGo app to your smartphone; create your avatar; walk around your neighborhoods and towns to collect PokeBalls and other helpful tools at PokeStops – the stops are based on cultural institutions and the Historic Marker database; you're off! When a Pokemon is nearby, your phone will buzz and alert you to its presence. Turn on your alternate reality, so you can see the Pokemon as if its right here in our world. The more you catch the higher your play level. You can fight for control of Pokemon Gyms and evolve your Pokemon to make them stronger. Really, this could go on.

All this sounds crazy. And to some extent, it is. But it is fun. How about a Pokemon in 1816, attending the constitutional convention in Corydon? We've seen it. Or what about a Pokemon sitting on the counter while the women in 1948 talk about preserving their produce? Again, we have that.

We hope that even if you only come in for some PokeBalls or to find some Pokemon, that you stop and look around. Maybe you'll decide to come back after Pokemon mania has died down.

Which Pokemon have you found in our building? Tag us in your photos on Instagram (@indianahistory) and Twitter (@IndianaHistory)!




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