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County Historians Gather 'Round the Table

Each fall, county historians gather for regional roundtables throughout the state to discuss current projects, share ideas and connect with their fellow historians (and of course, there are always snacks!).

While most also attend the large annual roundtable held each spring in Indianapolis, these smaller informal roundtables, hosted by county historians at a site of their choosing, offer the opportunity for more casual conversation. The smaller meetings also allow those who cannot make the trip to Indianapolis each spring the chance to meet with fellow historians in their area. In addition, I get to meet with the historians in person, and to catch up on all of their great work!

This year, meetings were held in Madison, Jackson, Montgomery, Knox and Marshall Counties. The discussion was varied and fascinating, as the historians are often working on many different projects which are always very close to their hearts. These dedicated volunteers are very devoted to their local history, and often take on tasks that may span many years.

Some of the projects that were discussed this year include:

  • Documenting and indexing local records
  • Working with cemetery records
  • Plans for the War of 1812 bicentennial
  • Cemetery preservation
  • Digitization of local records and photographs
  • Writing articles for local newspapers
  • Getting people involved in local history
  • Building preservation
  • Internet and Web site development

The county historian program is sponsored by the Indiana Historical Bureau and the Indiana Historical Society. For more information about the program or to contact a county historian, click here.


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