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Gallivanting Across Indiana

Kelsey and the Kelsey Museum

Hello, Indiana local history organizations! I am Kelsey Smith, the new intern at Local History Services. I am currently a graduate student in my second and final year at IUPUI. What am I studying, you ask? Museums, of course! I graduate in the spring of 2015 with a master’s degree in Museum Studies.


I hail from northeastern Ohio, most of my youth spent in a little town called Chesterland (also known as "way out east” of Cleveland). My journey on the path to museums began at a young age. I cannot remember a time when my family did not go to museums or discuss history at the dinner table. When I was 12, my mother dragged me to volunteer at the local historical society, the Chesterland Historical Foundation. As years went by, I began to come willingly. I even volunteered at a second museum, the Geauga County Historical Society. I graduated from Cleveland State University with a degree in history. Inspired by my volunteer work, I hoped to pursue a second degree, and then career, in museums. My desire is to continue working with and in small museums, helping to expand their use and value to their communities.

With that being said, Local History Services caught my attention as an opportunity to work with small, local history organizations in a different capacity than I have previously experienced. The crazy schedules and continuous gallivanting across Indiana did not intimidate me! I am so grateful for this opportunity to experience what it is like to be in a field services role. This internship will be a chance to see with my own eyes what so many different local history organizations are doing today. Most of all, it is an opportunity for me to help small museums in my own small way. While I am here, I will be updating the Speakers Bureau, an excellent resource for local history organizations looking for speakers on a range of topics. In the spring, I will be developing a workshop focused on working with young people in museums. The rest of my time will be spent tagging along with the staff to lend a hand, observing what they do and how they do it.

I love visiting all kinds of museums wherever I go, and I am excited to visit quite a few during this internship. I am also glad to have found that the wonderful staff here at Local History Services believes in the importance of coffee and ice cream as deeply as I do!


So, if you see me at your site, say hello! I am thrilled to meet you all.


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