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A Farewell Message from Stacy Klingler

Klingler - Lilly HallIn my seven years of work in the Local History Services department of IHS, first as assistant director and then as director, I have been given the opportunity to learn from the staff and partners of IHS as well as the over 900 local history organizations LHS serves. I have never been at a loss for something new to read or for someone to talk to about a challenge in the field.  I appreciate how the Indiana Historical Society has for over 35 years considered support of local history groups an integral way to support the mission of preserving and sharing Indiana history.  When Indiana's local history groups are stronger, so is all of Indiana history.

I want to thank the entire Hoosier local history community for the openness and spirit of willingness to learn that I have found in every one of Indiana's 92 counties.  As I've met so many of you in workshops, while delivering traveling exhibits and at meetings of all kinds, I have enjoyed hearing your stories and discovering what has worked (and not worked) for you. I have been amazed at your creativity in solving problems (cotton tube socks make excellent padding for chairs that must be stored on top of other furnishings) and sheer perseverance in preserving local history that you all demonstrate year after year. And while I hope to find the same welcome in my new position in Illinois, I thank you for making me a part of your community.

The LHS department is strong, and you will continue to have excellent support from Alan, Jeannette, Marianne, Kelsey and Tamara.  Tamara will be stepping into the LHS director position upon my departure (Dec. 19). The whole staff is ready to implement new projects and ideas that we've been dreaming of in our long trips in the IHS van, and you can expect many great things to come.


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