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2014 NHDI North District Contest Wrapup

As snow came through Central Indiana once again last Friday afternoon, a core team of History Day staffers departed the warm hearth of the History Center to head to the Great White North of Notre Dame, Ind., for the first district contest of the season. The contest was held at St. Mary's College on Saturday, Feb. 15, and hosted about 140 students from seven schools in the area.

NHD North Judges

I will be honest: The North District contest might be my favorite (if only because it is the least stressful on everyone). Registration, preparation, setup and execution are always smooth. The event folks at St. Mary's College make it easy, and the ladies at the college always make great judges. The teachers are generally on top of their game and students are always awesome, of course. So here's a shout out to everyone involved – stay classy, North District.

To still be honest, I was a little nervous going into the contest itself. Some of the schools had been off multiple weeks due to weather and snow days, and this year's contest was earlier than normal. I was pleasantly surprised, though, to find I had nothing to be nervous about. Projects across divisions and categories were great, except for performances. There were NO performances! I say it at every school visit –  least amount of competition. Case in point!

NHDI North District Awards

Still, 41 projects received medals and are eligible for the State Contest at Marian University on May 3. Congratulations, winners!

A list of medalists and information on the State Contest can be found here. The trek back to Indianapolis was less eventful. We snacked on gas station pizza and energy drinks, and it took us an hour and a half less time to get back to the familiar, yet slightly more snow covered, home of the History Center.


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