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Pshew! We did it!

The exhibitions staff at the Indiana Historical Society is breathing a collective sigh of relief, having recently opened to the public its newest You Are There offering that recreates a wonderful moment in Indiana (and national) history: the discovery and distribution of the polio vaccine.

LillyLilly blackboard

Bringing to life a scene of workers at Eli Lilly and Company packing up the newly discovered but not yet approved polio vaccine at Building 314 on the Lilly campus, we invite visitors to be a part of the action and help workers prep the vaccine for shipment to an eagerly awaiting public.

Polio currentThe exhibits team grew by leaps and bounds during the course of this project, welcoming graphic design interns Jamie Goldsborough, Amy Burres, Corey Venable and Tabitha Cravens; motion graphics specialist Aaron Gallimore; plus John Fish, a conveyor belt engineer enlisted for help creating the exhibit centerpiece. An adjacent content room explores the larger story of polio, including existing treatments, the science behind the vaccine, and the production process that occurred at Lilly.

With some very special objects loaned for display, this exhibition is one of the richest yet. We hope you will visit and share your stories about this momentous time in our history. This exhibition will be open through Sept. 14, 2013.


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