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We Lose an Hour of Sleep … This Week?!

As a Hoosier, I know this can be an incredibly unpopular thing to say, but I like daylight saving time. I like having time in the evening to leisurely walk my dogs while there is still light in the sky, and I like how I’m given a reprieve from the sun’s early morning rays. 

But this might be the week that changes my tune.

We have all been incredibly busy lately – pulling extra hours, taking work home and generally living on adrenaline until the Indiana Experience opens on March 20 – and losing sleep this week, of all weeks, is going to be a challenge.

Still, perseverance is required, right? And, really, it isn’t that bad. It’s hard to complain about being involved in a project like this; a project that has challenged the staff to be as creative as possible and that will give guests the chance to connect with history in really dynamic ways. As the public programs coordinator who is also serving as the project manager for the History Lab and Investigation Stations, it's been an exciting time at IHS. New programs are on the horizon and the potential for providing first-class transformative history education at the History Center is mere days away.

Days that will be “longer” but that will require a new sleeping pattern and the loss of sleep those first few nights.

I’m so glad there’s a Starbucks on virtually every downtown corner.


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