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Bringing History to Life – Never the Same Day Twice!

Hello! There are so many wonderful things going on at the Eugene and Marilyn Glick Indiana History Center these days, I am at a loss for where to start! I am writing from the Exhibitions department, where staff is all hard at work bringing the Indiana Experience to life. Less than two weeks until opening weekend!


Last week, I was lucky enough to spend my day doing the things that make our work so magical. A visit from local Model T expert Dick Harrold brought new parts and tools to add to our 1924 Model T repair shop, plus an assortment of new research materials to help our interpreters learn all that they can about the wonders of the Model T. Mr. Harrold has owned the same Model T for 50 years and still drives it to church each Sunday!

Then, the same afternoon brought a visit from Todd Lawson, the great-nephew of Joseph Conrath, the violin maker featured in yet another You Are There experience depicting a 1914 instrument workshop.

A visit from Mr. Lawson is always fun, as the interpreters and designers pepper him with questions about the history and lives of his family members. We are thrilled to learn new details of the space we are recreating where we will bring his ancestors to life. As he said to me this afternoon, “Out of all the photographs in your collection that you chose to feature, I still can’t believe you picked our family.”

We are excited as we approach the opening of the Indiana Experience and so eager to show off the wonderful work the staff is doing at the Indiana Historical Society. However, I am reminded daily that these are all partnerships with the families and communities whose stories we are telling. Together, we are literally bringing history to life. 


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